Bless Gloria and Her Chocolate Covered Phone_s!

from by Hello! Scenic Dreams!

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----->Fall of 2014. News recently arrived in Dallas of Ebola at the Presbyterian Hospital down the street from where I lived. Residing in a quaint third floor, one bedroom apartment in north Dallas, around noon, I was resting on a free couch that i had acquired from an unknown lawn the day before. I noticed a bodily shadow pass over my window and watched as someone attempted to open my front door. My stomach sank while the knob silently twisted unsuccessfully. I quietly approached the luckily locked door to gander through the peep hole, and witnessed the back of a body slowly walking casually out of view. I open my door and notice a small, weathered old woman. Gaunt and slump shouldered, she had bronze skin and coarse black hair pulled neatly scrambled into an old lady bun. I ask, "Can i help you?" she replies "Oh yes, do you have a key to this apartment?" pointing to the apartment next door. I inched closer and noticed she had small, but deep cuts on both hands, stained with dried crusts of blood, surrounding, and covering each fingered wound. "No mam, i do not." She explained to me that she was Gloria and the apartment next door belonged to her niece and she needed to promptly get in. I hesitated, taken aback the the situation and her uncanny politeness responded, telling her i wouldn't be able to help. Gloria thanked me and started heading for the stairs at the end of the hall. ________I walk backed into my apartment wondering if Gloria was what she seemed____________half an hour or and hour rolls by, i step outside for a smoke and a look at the sun, when I turn to see Gloria sitting against my neighbors door slouched over, fumbling and finagling through a bag she had in her lap. I walked over and offered a cigarette, she reached out with the least bloody hand and lit it up, and continued to fumble through her bag. A minute of silence passed when Gloria looks up and exclaims that she got chocolate all over her phones. I tilt my head in confusion and notice the inside of her bag and about 4 or 5 small gas station phones were coated with melted chocolate from a box of Raisinettes that was waddling around in her sack. The End. This song contains a very short sample of Gloria's voice informing me of her phones and their coco based wrapping mixed with a rough cell phone based recording of a stringed instrument.


from Self Own Wreck Chording_s, released January 19, 2017



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Hello! Scenic Dreams! Dallas, Texas

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