Self Own Wreck Chording_s

by Hello! Scenic Dreams!

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These songs started singing in the early Fall of 2016, amidst sprawling pockets of worry and unease, when it was almost impossible to turn on a blue lit screen and not think the world outside was on fire. 'Self Own Wreck Chording_s' was assembled from a WAV based catalog of creaks, rumblings, whispers, emotional exaggerations, and various other noise happenings + field recordings that I've captured on damaged cell phones over the past couple of years. Taking these archived noises and using them as improvised fodder in a “one song a week” styled project. Layering digitally meshed samples with hazy streams of disturbed sound together, formed into bizarre, weekly results that never held any true aim. This is what was collected over the course of 3 months, along with a piece of art made or found for each individual song. [All the pictures come with the download of the album in a 300 dpi hi resolution picture] Enjoy these as simple and honest recordings, songs constructed from yesterday's sounds made to help meditate on the thoughts of tomorrow. Thank you all.


released January 19, 2017

Terence Shipp - Bass, Guitar, Samples, Digital Manipulation, Trumpet, Drums, Voice

Mixed and Mastered by Terence Shipp

Cover photo taken by Nate Litz and edited by Terence Shipp



all rights reserved


Hello! Scenic Dreams! Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: I'm Tired Was The Magic Word
"This was ostriches that laid eggs, and he picked up the eggs,
and shot metal arrows and set ups er'sumthin'. Im tryin' ta think! Yea! Yea! Those guys can trade a million man hours for a thousand dollars. It's a stand up game. The reason it's sit down, and its sit down shit. Is worth one zero zero zero zero. Yea! Yea, there was uh galllllllickerleleleleficklereallyaa? Nooo? Its not the porn stuff. Galatica or somethin'. Its not the Hollwood movie. Somethin' like that, pretty close, and they would drop down and you'd have to beat'em up....with water. Dirty toenails. Im positive. Sticky underwear. Cant do it. WEEEELLLL It was funny shit! It was funny shit. You know it was funny, peculiar, strange, odd...PECULIAR! Or....Tired of'em. Ohhh, I'm tired was the magic word. It was tomorrow, and its true to be once again, and history repeats itself, but usually only the bad stuff. You know like Hitler, eaten the Jews. Ya know. Mussolini...yea. Killed the.....Italians. (Cough*) Uh. Russian guy. (Cough*) uh. Er-Yea! Well, there's Stalin, an there's the red and blah blah blah. Versus the blonde blue black guys that went around puttin' horns." - Harry Chestman